Friday, 13 April 2012

New Blog.... Again

I created another one.. this time for my crafts and some artsy pantsy stuff..

Check it out...


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Before 2011 ends....

I'm back from hibernation! Actually, I'm not really back, just wanted to post something since it's been a long time since I posted something. 

Christmas has passed and the New Year is looming just around the corner but my bestfriend and i still managed to go somewhere and did something crazy...

We were supposed to have her license verified by the PRC for examination purposes but naive as we are ( yes, we're naive), we did not know that there are a lot of things to be accomplished before the license can be verified so in it's entirety
, we just spent around 20 minutes at PRC. To think we crossed seas just to get there.

Now on to the crazy thing we did. Well, it was more of "MY OWN" crazy thing.
We went to a mall to kill time before our boat trip back home. I was so sleepy that I wasn't able t finish my lunch when I told here I wanted to have a massage so I could sleep. We then went around the mall looking for a spa/salon that offers massages. Then we saw this Fish spa.
I was the one who suggested to try it. y best friend just wanted to have the 20 minute reflexolgy thingy but I was so persistent on trying the Fish spa. So we got the 45 minute "dip" including a free massage at the end. 
I was the first one to go inside the "VIP" room but when I saw the fishes, I panicked. 
To cut the story short, I did NOT... even once tried to dip my feet. I just paid for the VIP treatment just to watch the fishes "nibble on my friend's feet. I tried to dip my sole but the moment I felt the fish nibble, I lifted it up.
Ok so this is what my friend's feet looked like when the fishes were nibbling it.

She says it tickles, but i'm imagining something else. I was imaging piranhas eating my feet. There was another "pool" with bigger fishes and she tried those too and says that it's less ticklish. The only thing I enjoyed though was the foot massage.

Right after, we went to Jaro Church. It's actually significant for me since, the church and I share something in common. The church celebrates it's patron's feast day on my birthday. For as long as i can remember, we would always go here on my birthday and attend mass. i also remember that the statue of the Our Lady of Candles isn't as big as it is right now. People say it grew in size.

The picture I go had a sort of reflection because of the glass. When we got down ( you have to climb up a flight of stairs to see the statue), a wedding was about to begin. The bride was seated in a car (small one that looked like a mini cooper) and instead of just flowers on the car, this is what they had...

Cute, isn't it?
The funny thing was that, we over heard one of the principal sponsors say to the bride:
"Wow, you're really beautiful. You look like you're getting married." (Illongo version: Baw ka gwapa sa imo daw kalaslon ka). Well duh!!! She is in a wedding gown and is INDEED going to be married. We also overheard that the reason for the delay of the ceremony is that the Priest is late... hehehehe

So there you have it... an adventure before the year ends... hope next year will be as fun...

Friday, 25 November 2011

[Fandom] It's the 26th

*photo credit*

     This is the first time that I am supposed to be seriously blogging about Satoshi's birthday but unfortunately I couldn't since I am stuck here at the christmas Bazaar tending my "wares". to celebrate it, I cooked spicy seafood pepperoncino (emphasis on the spicy since Riida likes it hot... wait that sounded ero-poi).

     I also baked chocolate cupcakes. (with a candy BLUE FISH on top)

I'm going to post later what the pepperoncino looked like.

Who would even think that this guy is 31 years old?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

[FANDOM] Three more days

Three more days until this guy's birthday...

Can't believe he's more than  30 already....
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Busy bee...

been busy these past few weeks. will tryto blog this week

Friday, 4 November 2011

[Lists] Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner and the kid inside me couldn't help but make a Christmas list.

1. A new camera

I do have a point and shoot cam but I love the quality an SLR camera has but I hate the "bulky' body of the SLR. At first I wanted a Sony NEX5 cam. It's a point and shoot but of SLR quality but when Nikon released their V1/J1 series, I said this is what I want. I'm just wishing Santa's going to be SUPER EXTRA GENEROUS this year.

I want this not because Uma Thurman wore this brand in Kill Bill, nor do I want this because it's Japanese made. I want this simply because it's super comfy. I have been crushing on this Mexico DX 66 ever since I saw it in this color. Paging Jiggs... it's Christmas... :)

3.  Apple Magic Mouse

This one, I really need. It's hard to click and drag using the track pad. It usually takes me a long time to finish a project with photoshop while using the trackpad.

4. A New Book

This is the newest book in the series, not to mention this is the only one missing from my collection. I'm   trying to control myself from downloading the ebook.

5. Clawdeen Wolf
I have the Frankie Stein Doll and she's lonely. She needs he friends. Clawdeen this Christmas and Draculaura on my birthday. 

6. Zuca Bag
I almost forgot, I want this bag too. It's so popular with figure skaters but it's not just made for them. It's made for people who love to travel. I especially like the little detachable compartments inside.

Right Now this is what I want for Christmas. I may or may not receive them. But hey, I can dream can't I? Who knows Santa might give these to in one go... heheheh

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Margarita Nights

     Even though I was so tired, I couldn't say no to a Birthday Celebration. So after I got home from working on the "well" the entire day, I got tweet from Tin2x saying Margot's celebrating her birthday (her birthday's on the 29th).
     I took a quick bath and waited for them to fetch me. We had dinner at Pepe's (sorry no pics. I forgot to take them since we were hungry :P).
     Margot had just finished watching a movie with her eldest daughter, so Kyanna had dinner with us. It was just me, Tin2x, Margot and Mayee (1/3 of the entire group). 
     We had a pitcher of frozen strawberry margarita and ice cream for Kyanna.
It was fun catching up. So much stories to tell so little time (Mayee had work at 11PM).
Again, Happy Birthday Margot! Wishing you a happy & fruitful year...
And here's to being FRIENDS FOREVER....